What Is AKAt?

AKAt new generation of task-managers

Chat based task manager for teams focused on improve time-to-market.


Chat-based task manager which focused on improve time-to-market by reduce misunderstanding, misscommunications and distraction.


With a new trend on remote work we have new challenges with all positives. No one solution is ready for new challenges. Slack generates too many distractions during the day. Jira focused on kpi, charts and complex flow instead just make things done.


Remove all useless functionality, and focused on things help tasks be done. Collect all best practices and make product easy to use.

Some of our solutions:

  • You have only one priority by rank. Whole team see one picture.

  • You can add stoppers for each task and assign it to person who really can help.

  • You can add reminders for stuck task and help your developers with it.

  • You can be sure when some changes requirements all team will be in the know.

  • Have whole project picture every day, with description for progress for each task. No daily progress meeting will be needed

Quote from You

We believe remote team is future not only for IT, but for most of business. And we believe we can make product that can make it easier and more productive.

Customer Quote

With AKAt we see all wastes we have in our old workflow, but now we decrease our time-to-market in 2x, and increase progress and plans transparency for the whole team.